Advance Weather Proofing

Project Case Studies no.1


Unsw Village Kensington

Watpac Constructions (NSW)


Construction Value: 100 million

Contract Value: 650k

Commencement: May 2009

Scheduled Completion: Nov 2009


Watpac Construction (NSW) are undertaking the construction of a new building designed to be the new Student Housing. The project involves the construction of a 19 Buildings up to a height of 8 storeys containing 291 apartments for student living. Parking and external works will also be undertaken.


The scope assigned to AWP included:

  • Louver Recess
  • Planter boxes
  • Podiums
  • Roof slabs including insulation and 300 tonne of ballast
  • Lift overruns

Project Highlights


Due to the design of the project using hollow-core ventilation and a louver installed in the recess, Watpac were not confident in relying solely on the louver system, AWP designed a waterproof system to be installed behind the louver panels to prevent water penetration.



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